SaaS Healthcare Company

Sales Asset Development and SEO Optimization

Client: SaaS Healthcare Company

Challenge: Low customer sign-ups and insufficient organic traffic

Solution: Development of sales assets, website copy optimization, SEO enhancement, and landing page creation

Results: 15% increase in customer sign-ups, 30% increase in organic traffic, and 25% increase in campaign conversions


A SaaS healthcare company was facing challenges with customer acquisition and organic traffic growth. Despite offering a robust healthcare solution, their sales assets were outdated, and their website lacked effective SEO practices, leading to suboptimal sign-up rates and online visibility.

Strategy and Implementation

Marketing and Tech Solutions implemented a comprehensive strategy to address the client’s needs:

  1. Sales Asset Development: Created impactful sales assets including flyers, emails, and pitch decks that effectively communicated the company’s value proposition and product benefits.
  2. Website Copy and SEO Optimization: Conducted a thorough audit and revamped the website copy to align with SEO best practices, enhancing keyword integration and improving content quality.
  3. Landing Page Creation: Developed high-converting landing pages tailored to specific outreach campaigns, ensuring clear calls-to-action and optimized user experience.


The strategic initiatives led to substantial improvements in the client’s performance metrics:

  • Customer Sign-Ups: Increased by 15%, reflecting the effectiveness of the new sales assets.
  • Organic Traffic: Boosted by 30% due to improved SEO and website content.
  • Campaign Conversions: Achieved a 25% increase, highlighting the impact of the optimized landing pages.

The comprehensive approach not only enhanced the client’s online presence but also significantly improved their customer acquisition efforts.

“The multi-channel approach brought out leads that we wouldn’t have even known to look for. Very happy with the campaign results.”

– Manager, Construction Management Company

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